Director's Message

With a spacious warehouse spread out over an area of 8000 square feet, Kooheji Park is stocked to the brim with state of the art rubber flooring (wet pour), rubber tiles, running track, outdoor and indoor kid’s equipment and outdoor fitness equipment. All our equipment and products are scoured from some of the best manufacturers in the world, which enables us to cater to a wider demographic of clients.

The rapidly expanding sports and fitness sector of the country is in dire need of quality products that satisfy the ever growing requirements. We strive to bridge this gap by providing our clients with a wide range of reliable products to choose from. We have a team of competent and well-experienced experts who understand professional sporting requirements and ensure that the technical aspects and quality of the equipment we supply are all in accordance with the stringent industry standards.

We ensure to keep our staff educated about the products we deal in to ensure that our customers make well-informed decisions about their choice of products. This has enabled us to cater to every client requirements from professional sporting goods to casual residential play areas and everything in between.

We hope to continue to grow in the industry by providing quality products and services that surpass client expectations, for the best price possible. We also take special care to ensure that our suppliers and investors are at a gaining end as well. Our professionals have done a fantastic job of ensuring a profitable experience for everyone involved with the company. We hope that our unique management and business model will continue to take the company to great heights in the future as well.

Khalid W.Alkooheji
Director, Kooheji Park

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